MetLife Premier Client Group,

Tri-State Partners

We exist to be “involved”.  When we are involved, we are part of something bigger and greater than ourselves.  At the MetLife Premier Client Group, Tri State Partners we are involved every day in the lives of our clients and the betterment of our community.  We get involved through the financial wisdom and guidance we offer, the unique solutions we provide and the helping hand we gladly extend.  Whether it is to the family looking towards a brighter future, the Small Business Owner seeking innovative planning solutions or the Nonprofit Organization hungry for education on fundraising ideas, we get involved so that others may succeed.

Are you “involved”?  Are you involved with Advisors who are committed to being involved with you?  If not, then we would like the opportunity to share a conversation and listen for the ways we might get involved in helping you, your business or your organization!  We're here to help, so please just reach out and we'll be there for you!

MetLife Premier Client Group is the distribution channel name for the offices of MLIC.